Gee Whiz Tram Driver

Gee Whiz Tram Driver
Traminer Riesling

Gee Whizz Tram Driver? Fair question. Its actually Barossa slang for Gewurztraminer, which is the delicate, fresh, aromatic white grape variety which flourishes in the cool climate of Terry Riley's 'Sheep Pruned' vineyard in the Eden Valley. Sheep pruned? Fair question. This means the vines were managed using 'minimal intervention' for several years, with only your future lamb chops managing the vine canopy.


Vintages and Tasting notes
2015 | 2016 | 2017
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Wine Press and Accolades

Tony Keys - The Key Report

01 March 2017

Gee Whiz Tram Driver 2016: 92 Points

“As the name implies it's an easy drinking wine... extremely enjoyable 92 points and value at $18”

Gary Walsh - The Wine Front

19 January 2017

Gee Whiz Tram Driver 2016: 91 Points

“Last year's debut was a very good wine, and as for the difficult second album? It's good. Jasmine, spice and lychee, tangerine and talc. Juicy, crunchy, very much that mandarin juice thing here, along with a Turkish Delight mouth-perfume and a fine fruity finish. So easy to drink, and to enjoy. Would be ideal for playing 'spin the bottle' at a Chinese restaurant. ”

Tony Keys - The Key Report

10 June 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver: 92 Points

“A textural wine, mouth filling and pleasant to drink very cold on a very hot day. 92 points and fair value at $18. ”

Mike Bennie - WBM

25 May 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver Riesling: 91 points

“The name suggests a fun kind of wine and the blend is party time personified. There's stacks of fragrance in Turkish delight, floral things and citrus. The palate has a gentle fruitiness, light sweetness but the wine drives to a pristine saline finish that makes the wine so easy to guzzle. You'd drink a bucket-load.”

Gary Walsh

11 March 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver Traminer Riesling: 91 points

“Nice to see this kind of easy drinking old school blend. 15% Riesling in the mix with Gewürztraminer. Rosy and jasmine perfume over peach and citrus. Light and crisp, juicy mandarin, spice and floral mouth-perfume, light chalkiness and a briny sweet citrus finish of fine length. Such a bright enjoyable drink. Spot on. Recommended.”

Kim Brebach

12 February 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver Traminer Riesling: 93 Points

“How long is it since you've had a great Traminer Riesling (Tram Driver is Barossa slang for the blend, the label tells us). This is crisp, fresh, dry Eden Valley Riesling with an exotic twist. Cheeky charm, good line and length, hard to put down, so moreish. Sheep pruned - love it!”

Tim White - Australian Financial Review

01 February 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver Traminer Riesling: 90 Points

“Gentle peach fuzz and pear skin nose, some tangelo, and background jasmine earthy-floral transitory wafts. Light on the tongue and fresh and vital with rose-pear jelly flavours and just enough chewiness. Plenty of citrus and pear, finishing sea-salty and mouth-watering pulpy”

Tony Love - The Advertiser

20 April 2016

2015 Gee Whiz Tram Driver Traminer Riesling: 4 stars

“As a cooler sub-regional sector of the Barossa, Eden Valley's whites have long been revered. So it's no surprise that Peter Lehmann's son, Phil, has crafted this reminder: a 71:15 gewurztraminer-to-riesling mix, the vibrant aromatics of both giving it a sense its sweeter than it is, the more exotic traminer notes clipped a bit by the Riesling, too, resulting in a mainly zingy lemon-lime gelati-like flavour. The name? Reportedly Barossa slang for gewürztraminer. ”

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