Located in South Australia's Barossa Valley, we are inspired by the characters, the history and vineyards of this great wine region.

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St John's Road 'Resurrection Vineyard'

The St John’s Road 'Resurrection Vineyard' is located in the highly regarded Ebenezer sub-district of the Barossa Valley; an area that Phil Lehmann has long held faith in to produce powerful and soulful reds. The 20Ha site is Shiraz predominant (>90%) with small pockets of Grenache, and more recently planted Sangiovese. Added appeal of this particular vineyard comes from the significant diversity present; a substantial variance in vine age, soil depth, aspect and vine selection has provided Phil with an exceptional palette to work with.

The most elevated point of our Resurrection Vineyard sits at 324m, where the soils are shallow and rocky, producing intensely flavoured fruit from low-yielding blocks. Along the northern boundary a striking 15m soil profile can be viewed overlooking the St Kitts Creek, showcasing the vibrant, red Ebenezer dirt impregnated with ironstone. It is within these deep, rich clay soils that our oldest vines thrive: five acres of twisted, gnarly old Shiraz vines planted during the '30s Great Depression. Phil likens the preservation of these old vines to 'respecting your elders', with the individual vines cared for year-round by Warwick (Wazza) Murray.

The gentle roll of the Eastern, to South-Western facing slopes provide varying exposure to light and heat during the day, an element of frost protection, and in sections, early ripening vines. These aspects combined add levels of complexity and difference to the St John's Road wines, showcasing the diversity apparent within the Barossa growing region.

Resurrection Vineyard

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